Yasuaki Matsumoto

Research and production activities, together with many artists, engineers and scientists, link various areas across the work to production,I am promoting expanding the possibilities of art.

2016 EURYDICE (Performance by fragrance, image and sound/KYOTO,LONDON)

2016 REQIEM (Video installation/MATSUMOTO)

2015 FORBIDDEN COLOURS (Video installation / collaboration with Masayuki TOWATA / KYOTO)

2014 a sleep which isn't anyone's(Video installation/KYOTO)

2014 CAPE (Video installation/CHIBA)

2014 IRIS Negev desert (uninstalled Installation / collaboration with Masayuki TOWATA/KYOTO)

2013 SKY/SEA (Sound installation / collaboration with Masayuki TOWATA/KYOTO)

2011 DEAD SEA (Video installation/KYOTO)

2009 Flaneur (VR installation/Data Glass Project/KYOTO)

2009 iris (Sitespecific installation/collaboration with Masayuki TOWATA/KYOTO)

2008 HOMO AUDIENCE (VR installation/Data Glass Project/KYOTO)

2007 bios (Video installation / KYOTO)

2006 Feelcode (VR installation/Data Glass Project/KYOTO)

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