Reiko Kubota

My artwork takes different forms including painting, photography, video and 3D constructions, inspired both by historical art of different cultures and by the development of novel technologies such as LED Saccade light display and Yubi-yomu, the latter being on display in the present exhibition at Forum Kyoto.

In 2016 I participated in the 5th anniversary show at Saturation Point, London, with art work which uses traditional materials – Japanese paper and pigment ground in glue - to explore the idea of a visual rendering of polyphony, a musical form that has inspired me throughout my journey as an artist.

I have worked with scientists who specialise in cognitive science and communication devices, exploring the potential for artistic expression utilising devices derived from research into visual and haptic perception. As part of this collaborative research I have developed a new process, Polyluminous Imaging, incorporating LED Saccade display*. This was presented at The 28th Japanese Psychonomic Society Conference, Tokyo (2009) and exhibited in ‘Intangible Spaces’ at the Aisho Miura Gallery , Tokyo (2010).

* Created by Dr Junji Watanabe (NTT Laboratories).

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